Silicon Wold specialise in electronic prototyping. Through our partners, we can also assist in product development, form beta all the way through to a finished mass produced item. We have worked on a diverse range of products, from photocopier interfaces, to medical test devices.

Schematic capture

We can take an existing schematic, re-work and update it, or we can create the schematic from scratch.


Once the Schematic is ready, we can then move on to creating the layout and Gerber files. These are then sent to our PCB manufacturer to be printed and populated. Usually, we receive these circuits back to us for testing before hand-over to the client.


Prototype of a Gyrostabilizer for one of our clients

Embedded systems

Most of our clients require a PC linkable board that acts as a front end for some real-world activity. USB is tends to be the connection of choice as it is cheap and ubiquitous.